Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A day full of LASTS!!

Pardon my emotions through this post.

My last baby is ONE! Normally we should celebrate the firsts. I need to take a moment to be sad about my children's lasts.

Last time I will make a first birthday cake.

Last time I will have a one year old.

Last time I will let my cute one year old dig into his first birthday cake and think that it is so cute!!

It is not easy having a last.

But needless to say, we have a one year old and he is ready to celebrate!!!
Here is the Birthday Boy!!!
Weston has been the happiest baby. He is so kind and loving. He gives the most loving hugs, and they are hugs that he gives with his whole heart. Head on your shoulder and squeeze. He is in love with his brothers and sister. Weston lights up when he sees his dad come into the room, almost as if he is screaming, "daddy, daddy look at me, I'm right here!!"
Here is the last 1st birthday cake.
I love making the cakes. I am definitely not a professional, but it is fun.
Mr. Alligator Cake for my little gator.
Daddy and Weston
Mommy and Weston
Weston was playing with Trapper and heard something going on. "Hey, what's going on guys?"
A pinata of course!! We kind of had a fiesta celebration for Weston's birthday, so we had to have a pinata. The kids helped me make this, you would have thought I was making them weave a rug as painful as they thought it was. No, really they had fun, the helping just didn't last long.
Porter's turn at the pianta! Story on Porter:
Early in the day as Phil and I were getting things ready for the party, Garrett comes running in saying that Porter is hurt. Phil comes in the house with Porter crying with blood all over his face. Porter was riding his scooter and hit a bump/crack in the sidewalk, I don't know where his hands were but they did not catch him in this fall. He totally face planted it and kissed the sidewalk. He looks really bad, poor boy.

It always a pose for Lexi

Garrett took hitting the rocket a serious thing.

Weston at the end of the night catching a ride with his cousin, Trevin.
Well whether I like it or not I have my last one year old. He has a lot of lst that he will attempt here in the next little while and his mom will be in the back ground crying because she will be thinking this will be a last. :( On a Happy note because I feel you should always end a blog with a happy. This last children is such a joy. Phil said yesterday as he went into get weston out of bed that he didn't think that he wanted the fourth child but now can't imagine not having this cute boy. We love our Weston!!!

Mother's Day/ A goodbye to Grandpa Johansen

Grandpa Don Johansen returned to his loving Heavenly Father and beautiful bride on May 9, 2009. He was such a wonderful man and will be missed. These pictures were taken on Father's Day 2008. The kids are really sad about Grandpa but the classic was when Porter asked me after I told the kids about Grandpa going back to Heavenly Father, "Daddy's Grandpa got dead?"

This is the home in Mt. Pleasant that Grandpa raised his family in and was raised in also. It has been around since apprx. 1918?

At the Funeral--Courntey, Troy and Nash, Phil, Julie, Vicki, Terry, Sarah, Brett, Tera, and Scott.

Mother's Day
Grandpa holding and boys--Weston and Nash. (2 months apart.)
Porter just being cute.
I can't say that these babies enjoyed this set up. This is the first time that Nash and Weston have been able to hang out. That is ridiclious!!
Kyler didn't appreciate being put in with the babies!
What a wonderful day hanging out with family.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

What's a happenin'

It's been a while, and you are probably wondering if we are still kickin'?
Life is going faster then I can handle at times, and there are things that get put off until I realize that it has been since Feb. when I blogged last. Sorry!!
I took the kids over the hill to the Camperworld the beginning of May. Alisa, Chad and Trevin were there camping and invited us over to go swimming. Mom and Dad came up for a visit also and we had a great time. The pool is heated by a hot water spring and it was the perfect temperature. Weston LOVED the water and Porter was the exactly opposite. He clings to who ever is holding him, and screams if you even try to peel his hands to loosen the grip a bit. He loves the swallow end though.

Weston was such a happy boy, just chillin...
And then he crashed!!! Swimming in warmer then bathtub water makes one very sleepy.

Grandpa and Lexi hanging out at the camp ground.

Garrett loved jumping into the pool. He still has to have his ear plugs and is very cautious.

This kid is one of a kind. Seeing him walk in these flippers was funnier then the picture.

Pretty girl had a blast holding her breath under water.

Garrett loving the flippers also.
Can't wait to go back, however, a can't imagine the water being any fun when the temp. is in the 90's. It was perfect for the beginning of May.

Friday, February 27, 2009

I Love Pictures

There is something about having pictures taken professionally. I take a million pictures of my kids and I love all of them, however I love when I go and get pictures taken. Making it all special and exciting, then seeing them posed and forcing smiles in some pictures with overall cuteness. The latest pictures...

Garrett Philip will be 7 yrs. in April.
He had his pictures taken at school.
This is before he lost his front tooth. (Noted in the kids' pictures at the bottom.)

Weston Terry is now 9 months. Time is flying by.

I love his adorable grin in this one.

Yeah, I'm Big!!!

Porter Lyle is 3 1/2 years old.

Porter can definitely work the camera.

Alexis Anne is 5 yrs.

This is a famous Lexi pose.

I love the picture of her close up.

Do you see now why I love pictures. They wouldn't have done this for me.

There is the missing tooth.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Halloween Party

The Johnson Annual Halloween Party
You can't have halloween without a party and we love the Johnson party. I actually started my blog three years ago, and my first entry was the halloween party. Oh, what memories.
Porter and Hunter are five months apart and are good little buddies.
Me and my little kiddies. Julie a pirate, Weston a cheetah, Porter Batman, Lexi Ballerina (of course), Garrett Army guy.
What a cute bunch!!
This is such a cute picture. These three boys are going to be best buds growing up.
Nash (3 months), Weston (5 months), Kyler (14 months)